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Definition of an Administrative Assistant

The Association of Administrative Assistants defines an Administrative Assistant as an "assistant to management" who undertakes the day-to-day running of a department or unit. The title may also apply to someone with a complex technical skill and to someone who may be involved in some aspect of the business such as computer programming, accounting, course organization, personnel administration, word processing, training, or marketing.

The Administrative Assistant works under minimal supervision, with the responsibilities defined in terms of general company, department, and program objectives.

Qualifications and Responsibilities of an Administrative Assistant

The qualifications and responsibilities for the position of Administrative Assistant are:






The Role of the Administrative Assistant

Complexity of duties varies with the scope of the Administrative Assistant's position. Many large companies have job classifications for several levels of Administrative Assistant, with some clearly being management positions.

The functions of the Administrative Assistant vary greatly between organizations. The duties range from the routine to special assignments designed to prepare the Administrative Assistant for advanced managerial responsibilities.

The following "position" description cannot clearly define all duties. However, the purpose of such a position is sufficiently clear that a framework can be set out within which the Administrative Assistant and the Executive/Manager can establish guidelines by which the Administrative Assistant can assist the Executive/Manager within the company's policies.

For example, large companies usually have defined job descriptions, whereas smaller companies may develop positions which adjust to meet the demands and trends within the company.

The Administrative Assistant is an Asset to the Executive/Manager by:

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