QAA Program

The Association announces that effective April 1, 2015 QAA registrants (in addition to completing the required coursework), must meet both work and competency components. To graduate, the QAA student must have at least two years’ experience as an administrative professional having utilized the competencies* as listed further below.

The main purpose of the Association of Administrative Assistants/Association des Adjoints Administratifs is to encourage people in the business world to continuously upgrade their professionalism through continuing education. The Association is confident that the advantages of advanced learning will be of mutual benefit to the company and the Administrative Assistant.

The Qualified Administrative Assistant (QAA) Program, sponsored by the Association, is one of the vehicles available to those interested in advancing their professional development. The educational classes are available through distance, online, and lecture courses from Universities and Colleges across Canada. The requirements for work experience and demonstrated core competencies will provide validation/mastery of skills related to the role of an advanced administrative professional.


All applicants wishing to register as a QAA student, must either already be a member of the Association of Administrative Assistants or simultaneously be in the process of becoming a member and enrolling in the QAA program. Please refer to the membership page for the forms.

Please complete the QAA enrollment form to enroll in the QAA Program and send via email to the QAA Registrar. Payment via PayPal is preferred and payment details will be provided upon request. Alternatively, you can enclose a $100 cheque made payable to the Association of Administrative Assistants and mail it to:

National Registrar
The Association of Administrative Assistants
c/o 111 Howlett Avenue
Newmarket, ON L3Y 5S7

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Qualified Administrative Assistant (QAA) Program

Work Competencies to be validated**

Business Management


  1. Financial/ accounting /budgets
  2. Project/Event Management
  3. File and Information Management
  4. Research, analytical, critical thinking and problem solving
  5. Meeting coordination (all aspects)



  1. Computer skills (Microsoft Office, spreadsheets,
  2. Internet Research
  3. Live Meeting/ Skype
  4. Other research expertise
  5. Social media
  6. Website management
  7. Electronic calendar/ scheduling

Leadership/organizational skills


  1. Human Resources
  2. Professionalism
  3. Time management/prioritizing
  4. Reliable and dependable
  5. Team player
  6. Leadership/Management skills
  7. Confidentiality

Communications/Interpersonal skills


  1. Report/proposal writing,
  2. Public relations
  3. Business communications (both oral and written)
  4. Email protocol
  5. Presentations
  6. Interpersonal communications expertise to maintain successful professional relationships

**The above work competencies must be validated by a current or previous supervisor or someone in a position to professionally confirm that the QAA student has demonstrated expertise in each of the four categories in a work component equalling a minimum of two working years.

To Enroll in the QAA Program

Complete the QAA enrollment form and mail it to the National Registrar at: 111 Howlett Avenue, Newmarket, ON L3Y 5S7

Tuition Fees

Graduation Certificate

Certification Renewal Program

As noted above, the Association encourages members to continuously upgrade their professionalism through continuing education. Also, to remain consistent with other professional associations who require their members to recertify their professional designation on a regular basis, we are now providing our QAA members a process to regularly renew their certification and maintain professional currency. Effective April 1, 2010, students who enroll in the QAA program, upon their graduation and obtaining QAA status, must complete a certification renewal process every three years. Certification renewal is optional for current QAA members.

Certification Renewal Application

For more information e-mail:

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